Based on related laws and regulations consular fee shall be paid for consular services and visa fee shall be paid for visa applications. Consular fees may change from time to time due to exchange rate fluctuations. All fees must be paid in Malaysian ringgit (MYR or RM) to the Consular Office of the Embassy of Hungary in Kuala Lumpur. Cash or credit/debit card payment is not available at the Consular Office, all fees and charges can be settled by Malaysian domestic bank transfer or by depositing at any branch of Maybank around Malaysia.

We provide customers with detailed information on the exact amount of fees and the banking details required for their payment during the procedure. In order to avoid administrative difficulties caused by incorrect payments, please only transfer or pay money to the bank account of the Consular Office if you are requested to do so by the staff of the Consular Office.

The consular fee must be paid - unless otherwise provided by law - even if the application is rejected, partially granted, the procedure is terminated, or the applicant subsequently withdraws the application. If a new procedure is initiated in the same case, the consular fee must be paid again.

Fees for most common consular services

  • Schengen visa                                                            410 MYR
  • Residence permit visa                                               564 MYR
  • Diplomatic legalization                                             128 MYR
  • Certified true copy of documents                           103 MYR
  • Certified true translation of documents                180 MYR
  • Attestation of signature                                            154 MYR

For further information on consular fees, please contact the Consular Office at