New rules of operation of the consular services 

Dear Clients, 

We would like to inform you that due to the new coronavirus (COVID-19) situation the following rules of operation of the consular services are effective from the 16th March 2020 at the Embassy of Hungary:

No applications for the following consular services are dealt with until further notice:

  • all types of visas (except for stay permit visas for appointed diplomatic staff in Budapest)
  • Hungarian passports and ID cards (except for temporary passports valid for maximum one year)
  • registration of birth/marriage/death and related services 
  • all services concerning simplified naturalization and citizenship cases
  • acquiring of documents, certifications and Apostille stamp from Hungary  

Otherwise, only clients having an appointment are served and only one by one each at the time of the pre-booked appointment (with the exception of Hungarian citizens in need of urgent consular assistance). 

This means that only one person at a time can be present in the Consular Office’s waiting room.

For making an appointment 

please call:

+60-3-2020-1072 / 2020-1073 (during business hours)

or write an e-mail to:


Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!

Consular Office of the Embassy of Hungary