KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia is turning its sights on Hungary’s expertise to harness heat from wastewater and save on power usage.

Hungarian water company Thermowatt LLC yesterday signed an agreement with Indah Water Konsortium Sdn Bhd and BlueWater Partners Sdn Bhd to develop the technology.

Thermowatt LLC is best known for developing a technology in 2010 to harness heat in wastewater as an energy source.

“The energy harnessed can be used to heat or cool buildings. This saves electricity,” Thermowatt managing director Kiss Pal said after a Hungary-Malaysia Water Innova­tion and Networking Forum held here yesterday.



Hungary’s Ambassador to Malaysia Attila Kali said he was optimistic about the prospect of working with Malaysia.

“I look forward to possible joint infrastructure projects between our countries’ on water technology,” he said, adding that Hungarian water technology had been adopted in Indonesia and Vietnam.

Budapest Waterworks, a nearly 150-year-old water supplier in Hungary, and Waterscope Interna­tional Ltd, which specialises in analysing water quality, also presented their expertise at the forum.

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