Hungarian conductor and author Alexandra Major-Bacskai launched her book Emily Walks with Canes at Mind Space. This book is an important eye-opener for children and adult readers alike, with a very important message: all of us are important and valuable, regardless of the differences we may have in our appearance or certain abilities. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Hungary, through the Embassy of Hungary in Kuala Lumpur proudly supports the publication of this book. We hope our children will grow up with the book’s important lesson in mind, always supporting their friends and those in need.


"The next step

The goal of conductive education is to help children with different abilities be active members of society – to move, play, study and work with their peers who are fully able.

Some of Major-Bacskai’s students have moved on to regular schools. But this isn’t always possible because accessibility remains one of the biggest challenges for people with disabilities.

One of Major-Bacskai’s students Izdihar Janna Adsly is 14, but her mother Rafidah Ahmad has not been able to enrol her in national schools.

“I approached three or four schools but it’s always the same excuse – they don’t have the facilities because she is in a wheelchair. Or they have no one to take her to the bathroom or help her move around. When I volunteer to be with her, they don’t want parents to be in the classroom.

“Our education blueprint guarantees equal access to children with disabilities but in reality, there is little access,” says Rafidah."


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